Hall of Shame

Over the years, this forum has had its share of unpleasant users, but a few of them did more than just break forum rules. These "unique individuals" have earned their spot here at our Hall of Shame. A huge FUCK OFF AND DIE to the following garbage "human" beings:

Transgressor / Dark Link / Jawbreaker (Glen)

This is the first one to name and shame. Originally, I started the forums with him, but over the months, it was clear that he was a truly narcissistic asshole with severe mental issues. He's had a history of deleting his own posts and even his own account (more than once). I gave him a ton of chances, but I knew that I should've cut him loose there and then. The first meltdown from this fucker was bad enough, but several months later, I realized that he shouldn't be trusted to do moderator tasks anymore. Unbeknownst to me, he still had access to certain administrator settings, so on December 31, 2013, this disgraceful shithead thought he was going to have his little "revenge" on me by trying to shut down the entire forum, thus discouraging me. Fortunately, I had most of the backups with me, so I had the last laugh.

The first few months of rebuilding the forums were rough, but with the help of our loyal community, we made it, and we're a lot better and stronger now! I'm glad I didn't give up, and that I cut this fucking douchebag off for good by roasting him publicly, just as I'm doing it here again for all to see. Like a cowardly cunt, he sent me a bullshit private message prior to deleting everything. He has made a life enemy out of me, and those who were here before 2014 definitely saw just how pathetic he was to attempt to trash all that hard work that wasn't his own to begin with.

HecTheWreck (Hector)

Another worthless piece of shit to put on blast. I met this asshole back in 2015, when he was looking for a metal forum to join, so I linked him here. During the first couple of months, things seemed cool, but his "personality" was showing in his posts. His fake-ass bullshit that he was posing around as was nothing more than an obnoxious loser that thinks he's such a big shot. Even before I realized what a disgusting leech he was (and will always be), I helped him resurrect his old page, Extreme Chilean Metal, by hosting it in the form of a modern blog for free, just because. Turned out that I made a huge mistake with this one, as he was beginning to piss off the community with his hateful rants and passive-aggressive whining.

Even when given multiple chances to not be an asshole for once, what was the last straw was more constant shitting on people and their tastes that this douchebag didn't deem "worthy" of his respect. Once called out, I found out that he cut off contact with me outside of the forums, so I permanently banned him and his ass licker buddy Duy Minh (first name is Jimmy). Not only that, but I deleted his shitty blog from my server, since there was no reason to continue associating with this sociopath. Funny thing is that when that happened, he sent me a few sob e-mails about wanting his blog back so he could sell trash from his collection. I knew this motherfucker was full of shit and just lying at this point, hoping to "stab me in the back", but I ignored his so-called "requests" (even the messages themselves were self-important nonsense).

Finally, when he realized that I wasn't playing his game anymore, he showed his true colors (VAT A TWEEST!) and launched a ton of empty-handed insults, claiming that Jimmy was going to be writing a song about this forum. Knowing that Hector and Jimmy love stroking each other and always cower when called out, I'd love to see that happen. Tons of metalheads want to kick their asses, too, as I've observed their postings via social media and how selfish these morons are. Either way, no loss to this community.

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