Pioneering Metal Bands That Are No More
Motörhead, obviously. You can't call yourselves Motörhead without the late Lemmy Kilmister, regardless of who's who. His death put a massive dent. It'll never be the same again.

Black Sabbath is said to no longer be working together, but I'd say that Tony Iommi may still put out at least one more album before he passes.

Riot should've been considered dead since 2012. Absolutely no reason to continue as such without any original member.

I don't know how much longer Iron Maiden or Judas Priest have on this planet. Saxon is going out in a blaze of glory, though.
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Death is obviously the biggest selection for death metal...
Most thrash metal innovators are getting old, it's only a matter of time before they're done or dead.
I'd say that Mercyful Fate is one of the biggest influences for black metal. Are they doing anything right now though? I'll need to check up on them now. Don't know if any of them are quitting soon.
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Bathory comes to mind.
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Too me Venom died in the 80's both these Venom's of today don't really do anything for me both are living off the past even if they still release new albums but it just isn't what it was back then for me.
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Mercyful Fate and Venom are just not the same as they used to be, but all of their important members are still alive.

For Mercyful Fate, as long as King Diamond, Michael Denner, and Hank Shermann are still alive, then we may see another Mercyful Fate album in our lifetime. They hadn't ruled out a hypothetical reunion, especially with including Mercyful Fate songs on live King Diamond sets. When I saw them, they absolutely killed it with "Evil" and "Come to the Sabbath". You just never know when it's going to return.

For Venom, there's clearly strife between both camps, but I'd rather trust Mantas and Abaddon with being the more authentic version of the band, as opposed to balding Cronos and his lackeys, just as I prefer Tank as whatever Algy Ward is doing.
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Heavy Load was a pioneer in the Swedish heavy metal scene. They are no longer together, they disbanded in 1987. Sir Lord Baltimore is another pioneer who is no longer with us. Oh and of course Twisted Sister has disbanded.

Oh and Plasmatics are no more.
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Heavy Load's members are all still alive, and one of their guitarists did a show with Heathens of the North, a Greek Heavy Load cover band. Reissues of their discography are also on their way to the market. Chances are that they will reform, just as Cirith Ungol did.

Plasmatics is a yes for me, because they'd need to bring Wendy O. Williams back from the dead for any sort of reunion to work out.

Twisted Sister will only remain finished, if the surviving members remain loyal to A.J. Pero. They may even get back together under a different name, but chances are that such a move would eventually circle back to reviving the brand name itself.
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I'm really heartbroken to say this, but Judas Priest could be next. If either Glenn Tipton's condition worsens to the point of fatality or Rob Halford dies, then that's it. The end of the music.

I say this all the fucking time, but I knew this decade was going to be rough on many of our cherished metal heroes, and then some. I just hope that these old bands can still function in the next decade or so.
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