100% Proof That Evolution Is FALSE!
In the form of a short video compiling the most recent fights at Walmart stores, I have conclusive evidence that evolution never happened, and that the subjects are most definitely the children of God, rather than descendants of the great apes:
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to be really honest, i think what is a Big step back in Evolution is some of these [Brain Dead] Morons filming these idiots arguing, why should i care if someone is arguing?, i don't give a shit what started it, it ain't my fucking business LOL!.

however, the last two here i actually agree with. #2 states that it's illegal to Film inside Walmart (or any store for that matter), though cause that it's illegal, how come the people filming the argument at #3 are NOT being told to Turn off their phones?, there is a Individual there that is wearing a store Uniform, does he not notice that people are Filming with their phones?. lol. but #1 is a Great example for WHEN your supposed to use your Phone's built-in camera, is to Document Criminal activity, like, to catch some Ginger Haired Twat who is a common thief.
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Yeah, very true. It's a private business that's open to the public, so they have the right to refuse service to anyone who disrespects their rules. It's just like if you go to a bar and act like a cunt to everyone there, and then you get kicked out. Tongue
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Fun fact my favorite band in any genre is DEVO, who since the 70's have been talking about this very thing.
Devolution is real.
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Well, I would have to agree that evolution never happened and this not only with gay-mart brawl but the IQ of people today thanks to phones, goes to show that our intelligence is in decline.
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