[Album] Agent Steel (US) - No Mercy from the Godz (October 18, 2019)
Quote:A new era has begun...

Forthcoming official true 4th AGENT STEEL album, titled: “NO MERCY FROM THE GODZ”

It’s been a long time anticipated, and now it’s official: 1980’s speed metal veteran, founder/vocalist John Cyriis, has resurrected his brand creation, the “Agent Steel band and it’s new incarnation in 2019 ... is finally upon us!”

So let’s get straight to the point:
The band’s current lineup consists of guitarist Nikolay Atanasov, and original AS guitarist Bill Simmons; Mr. Simmons is the first/original guitarist of the AS lineup, as the band first appeared throughout the L.A. club circuit in 1983. Also included in this classic/new lineup are bassist Joe McGuigan (Gama Bomb) and drummer Dennis Kruse Stromberg. This incarnation of AS is the long-awaited reactivation featuring Agent Steel founder, brand creator, vocalist John Cyriis, who appeared on all three original classic albums, (i.e., Skeptics Apocalypse, Mad Locust Rising, and the platinum seller Unstoppable Force). John is very pleased with this new lineup, which he is confident will arise as the very best lineup in the band’s history and whom he believes are certain to compliment the band’s legacy, and about manifest an about-face—that to counter and transcend the band’s “less than competent performance” by a stand-in and unofficial lineup at the KIT festival 2019!!

The official new Agent Steel lineup are currently working on the band’s 4th true and official studio album titled, “No Mercy From The Godz”—which is scheduled for an imminent October 18, 2019 launch.

True and official Agent Steel.Don't get that part wrong... Rolleyes Laugh
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Let's hope this will last, looking forward to listen the new album.
"There ain't no way to stop us
and you'll never kill our pride
'cause it's not only music
it's a chosen way of life!"
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I have my doubts if it will be released on this actual date.Can't say a thing about the music.There's only an intro of a new song posted on the band's facebook page.
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