[Album] Akphaezya (FR) - TBA Album (TBA 2019)
Avant-garde/progressive metallers, Akphaezya, have been very quiet these past few years but it seems like the band is working on a new album now (source). Some lineup changes and all, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. Some more details to come in the future.

Quote:Hi akphaezyans ! It's been a long time dudes...
More than that : Good news arrive !!!! BUT we have to explain all this silence and delays... Since 2014, a lot of things made a lot of changes for Akphaezya. Firstly, some of us became dads. As you can imagine, life is not really the same. Wink Secondly, I moved in the south of France with a house to refurbish ( -_- Don't ever do that...). This made rehearsals and creation much more difficult but we still could work with internet.
Here began the bad news : Nehl Aëlin needed more « direct » and « real » contact to create. So, she prefer to quit and focus on her new project : « La dame qui piquait des coeurs ». Then, Loïc' knees decided to quit too... Followed by his shoulder... Not good for a drummer... And not good for him too.
So, where are the good news ? HERE !!!! The first one is named Hakata Ooh : lead singer in Santa Cadabra and backing vocals in Nehl Aëlin's project and recently in IMPUREZA. She already worked with us for the artwork of Anthology IV. The second one is named Antho : Drummer in « THOSE BLOODY ARMS » (where I played the guitar).
That sounds good but what'bout Nehl and Loïc ? Because of his « devious » body, Loïc made some surgery and can share (equally) the drums part of the next album with Antho. Nehl Aëlin will sing and arrange an entire song. So every one is still part of the adventure in the akphaezyan world.
NEW ALBUM : We don't know when the album will be released yet but we began to book a studio. We hope to make you listen something in the second part of 2019, max 2020. Smile
Thanx for waiting a bit more...
Steph (ZagZero)

Ps : To make the wait easier, I 'll post some guitar videos to show how to play some old songs. If you play the guitar too, then play it and post it here... Maybe I'll put your name in the next booklet. Wink The first one will come very soooooooooooooooon !
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