[Album] GARDGHASTR (XX) - Slit Throat Requiem (April 26, 2019)
New black metal band, GARDGHASTR (who knows how the hell you're supposed to pronounce that), are releasing their debut album on Profound Lore pretty soon. Here's the description from the bandcamp page.

Quote:GARDSGHASTR a new black metal entity created by the forces comprised of prolific members culled from elite black metal artists Bekëth Nexëhmü and Chaos Moon unleash their debut album “Slit Throat Requiem” (out on April 26 on CD/2LP/Digital), an epic bewitching overwhelming symphonic black metal maelstrom that harkens back to the glory of the unparalleled Norwegian black metal scene of the ‘90s.

Manifesting in a grandiloquent yet strident and powerful sound with a production that mirrors and ensnares the textures that were once produced from the confines of Greighallen Studios back in the ancient times, “Slit Throat Requiem” is a relentless black metal bombardment that flourishes through an overbearing wall-of-sound awash on dark ominous unmerciful atmosphere.

The central theme behind “Slit Throat Requiem” through the eyes of vocalist Glömd sees this monument as an “Invocation of darkness, both in human and spiritual forms, that intertwines various dimensions. It summons the old ages and mysticism of centuries past, while acting as a harbinger for humanity's consequential end. The disdain of empty souls thus being conquered by adversarial revenge, on earth and beyond. Destruction exceeding comprehension coalesces with the forthcoming diabolical rule. The end times, Ragnarok, the Apocalypse; our despondent sermon of "Slit Through Requiem.""

Heavily orchestral on all fronts, from the ambient sound-generating guitar assault, the pounding battery, glorious sounding keyboards, and the piercing vocal incantations spewed forth, “Slit Throat Requiem” emerges as a black metal attestation to the genre’s true spirit and manifesting flame. A testimony compulsory in today’s black metal landscape.

Glömd – lead vocals
Swartadaupuz – guitars, bass, backing vox
Esoterica – guitars, bass, and keyboards
S. Blackburn – guitars, bass, and keyboards
J. Blackburn - drums

I kinda like this actually. I think I might give the CD a go.
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