[Asian Heavy Metal] Carmilla (JP)
Carmilla was an all-female Japanese heavy/speed metal band that originally formed under the name of Gorgon with an entirely different cast of members, before sticking with the desired name by 1985.

Their imagery was initially occult (think more along the lines of Mercyful Fate's King Diamond with their use of corpse paint), and they even had a song titled "Christ" (which you can hear on the live album that they released last year under the authority of guitarist Kizakura Yoshino).

Around the end of the decade, Carmilla's style shifted from power metal influences to straight-up thrash metal, as songs such as "Break Out" demonstrate. "See You in Hell" has more of a traditional feel, though.

It was with great honor to know that Japanese Metal Forum was instrumental in terms of seeing a proper release of demo and live material for the modern generation. If you're interested, a moderator over there provided a translation of an article taken from Yoshino's blog, which led to interest in a proper CD release. There's also a long-winded news thread discussing the release and its progress in terms of sales. For a self-titled release, it's quite impressive that many respectable Japanese retailers (e.g. S.A. Music, Disk Heaven) have copies in stock. You could also just buy directly off Bandcamp, which supports the artist.

For fans of Sabbrabells, Acid, Crowley, Loudness, Velle Witch, Show-Ya, Terra Rosa, Volfeed, Coven, Valkylie (also Valkyrie), Rajas, and Anthem.
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That is amazing.... True Black Metal...
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They really did exhibit that occult magic. I'm so glad I have the album with me. It was such an unexpected gem.

If you love Sabbrabells or Crowley, then Carmilla would be the all-female version of those two bands. Sadly, they weren't fortunate enough for a record deal. I'm sure that another all-female band, Velle Witch, would be to one's liking. They played a doomier heavy metal sound.
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