Band Discussions Rules

With the new Rec section up and ready to go, we're going to implement some basic guidelines for posting. Nothing too extravagant or strict, just a few things to keep the quality as high as we can while making this section user friendly.

1. Self-explanatory, but please post recommendations under the correct genre tag. This is pretty easy for the most part, but there are plenty of borderline bands out there that could fit multiple tags. In these cases use your best judgment, and include a description of the varied influences in your description.

2. Write at least a sentence, but no more than a paragraph describing your post. It should describe the music, at least in a basic way. Obviously some bands will require more while others will require less. (A truly unique sounding band requires more description than one of the many exceptional yet generic bands out there). Keep it brief, but let us know what we're in for. Feel free to include whatever you like, musical description, a bit of band history, your personal experience with the band or why you would recommend them, whatever you want as long as it's not just a youtube link.

3. Keep links to a minimum. This section should be for sampling new bands, not for posting their entire discography. If you want to include more, post a link to their bandcamp or other website which has more songs on display. You can also post Youtube links to full albums, but preferably it would be better for you to choose your favorite songs and post those, or at least mention which tracks are your favorites in the description. For now we'll say AT LEAST 1 link, and NO MORE than 4 links per thread. At this point, content matters more than formatting, so it's up to you if you want to embed a video on the forum or just post a link

4. Discussion of a particular band can be kept in that band's thread. You may post similar bands (within reason) for the sake of discussion, but if you have one that you would really like to recommend, make a new thread for them.

5. I will be setting up general help/request threads in each main section. Please use these threads to request recommendations. HOWEVER, instead of replying with a bunch of youtube links, start a new thread for each band you are recommending, then link those threads to the help thread. Example would go like this:

User A: Recommend me some good female fronted heavy metal

User B would create new threads in the appropriate sections for female fronted bands they would recommend. Then return to the help thread, quote User A's post, and post links to the new threads.

This all might seem like an excessive waste of time and effort, but for now this is a trial run and I'd like to see how this works. The idea here is to generate more growth for this section, and have tons of bands in each subheading, as opposed to one giant clusterfuck of a recommendation thread a la Metal Archives "(un)Help Threads." If this method doesn't work, we will try and fine tune things to make this a more functional recommendation section.

6. Valid links: Valid links include songs on Youtube, bandcamp, official Facebook/MySpace pages with songs or any other website which contains the band's music. Official websites, Metal Archives/Spirit of Metal pages, wikipedia pages, or anything else with information on the band

Invalid Links: Fan websites with little or no information that can't be found in a more official capacity, personal Facebook pages of band members, or any site with low quality or little information on your recommendation (unless this is the only place to find their music)

And that's about it, happy posting!

Feel free to post suggestions, complaints, praise, criticism etc. in this thread
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Updating this thread that all discussions on bands that don't have threads or don't warrant them yet may be discussed in their appropriate threads. For example, if it's some up-and-coming doom metal band that's only released one sample so far, then post about them in the thread where doom metal is discussed in general.

We originally had the concept of "help" threads, where someone would first post a thread on a band, someone would come into one of the "help" threads in search of bands that met their criteria, and bands already with their own threads would be linked to in reference. Instead, we'll just use these kinds of threads in Band Discussions for bands that don't yet have threads. It's probably a good idea that we stick to making threads for bands that at least have some sort of familiarity, and it's not just some shitty brutal death metal band from Indonesia, where the band members have little or no connections to any other bands that may be more familiar to metalheads.

Again, use your best judgment. If a band does have a sizable discography, though, then that's fine, really. Just avoid spamming threads for every one-and-done band that you can find at Metal Archives.
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