Bands Where Drummers Outshine the Rest?
Excluding egotistical people such as Yoshiki from X Japan or Lars Ulrich, of course...

Dark Angel instantly comes to mind. Gene Hoglan wasn't just any other drummer that got picked up. Before his 1985 entry, he used to do lights for Slayer, proving his worth even as a roadie. After joining Dark Angel, he pretty much took over the role as primary songwriter AND lyricist (he does know how to play guitar!). His lyrics on the albums Darkness Descends through Time Does Not Heal uplifted Dark Angel from being just another edgelord, faux "Satanist" band to a nihilistic, depressingly bleak collection of stories ranging from child sex abuse to heresies few bands would've gone the extra mile for. With Hoglan's rather epic style of lyricism, he made Don Doty and Ron Rinehart spew hundreds of words per verse section, even before getting to the bridge. Very fast-paced, too, as his drumming put the rest of the musicians to work on keeping up with his double bass onslaught. Truly a force to be reckoned with, and he did have a few stints in bands such as Death and Testament.

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I'm going with Steve Shelton from Confessor on this one. Everything else about "Condemned" is great, but holy fuck that drumming is just mindbogglingly good. I think they're even more noteworthy than the vocals.

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Absu is the first band that comes to my mind. Proscriptor McGovern is clearly more than an adept drummer; nothing else in their musical arrangements ever really struck me as being anything above average.

I'm tempted to say Rush as Neil Peart's drumming prowess is no secret to anyone but both Lifeson and Lee are phenomenal as well so they don't really fit the bill. It's a lot more obvious with Geddy. Lifeson is an underrated player.
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