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Best Norwegian black metal band?
OK, now this one is really good. I listed some well known BM bands from Norway. Who will win? I went with Emperor!
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Darkthrone. They always changed their style up and never gave a fuck about trends, wins my vote easily.
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My vote is always for Darkthrone. Under A Funeral Moon is a classic and as Vagabond said above, they always did whatever they wanted to do and continue to do so. A lot of respect for them even if some of the Moonfog era is hit-or-miss.

Emperor had a great capacity for growth but the way their albums tracked were a bit inconsistent. Great band but I don't think their discography is as solid.

I'll end by saying the manner in which Varg evolved Burzum's sound over the first four records has always amazed me; S/T to Det Som Engang Var is minimal; but DSEV to HLTO; HLTO to Filosofem all recorded in 1-2 years (despite releases being spread out over time) is quite a feat. Never cared for his prison stuff
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Immortal as they were the truest to the spirit to first wave of black metal when they first began and over time they kept elements that were part of this first wave in their sound.
Plus they never radically changed their style either.
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Immortal has my vote. They are a consistently good band with even their most recent album being pretty good. They may not have been as innovative/envelope pushing as some of the others, but I find their albums generally better. It doesn't hurt though that I'm not too keen on most of these. Darkthrone's A Blaze in the Northern Sky is probably the only album from the other bands I revisit regularly.
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I have absolutely no specific answer to this one. I could not pick just one myself. Maybe Emperor?
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