Bloodtruth (IT) - (2014) Obedience - 8/10
Artist: Bloodtruth (IT)
Release: Obedience (2014)
Rating: 8/10

This is a good brutal sounding technical death metal affair. In this album, there’s some great clean vocals. The intro track has only clean vocals. It sounds like some kind of Abrahamic religious-like sounding vocals. It's sort of close to Islamic chanting. The clean vocals are okay, nothing to write home about. The second song is a barrage of technical death metal. It’s brutal, fast, technical and hard. The drumming is speedy. There’s some good stuff going on with this song. There’s great vocals found, you can’t really decipher what the vocalist is vocalizing. I only was able to recognize the last word he vocalizes in the song. He says “burn!” I’m quite impressed with this song. The 2nd song gets the ball rolling and it gets better at this point. The drummer is quite creative with the blasts he’s doing on the rest of these tracks. I think his drums really stand out the most on this album. The guitar gallops along with the zippy and creative drumming. It’s sort of mind-blowing how they do this.

As far as the bass goes, it is quite good. You need to have a good sound system to listen to it since it’s typical that the bass is not turned up in some extreme metal recordings. I don’t think the bass has its moments on this album, it’s mostly the drums that have moments. I know the vocals are not that easy to decipher, but that’s common in extreme metal. I know since I’ve listened to many extreme metal records over the years. You are only able to understand the clean vocals, which only appear on the intro track and the beginning of the tracks Coerced to Serve, Summoning the Heretics and March of the Fools. They are sang in Italian and you will easily know what they singing if you are fluent in Italian. I guess it’s Italian (the band is from Italy), I know it’s not English. The clean vocals are not accompanied by any instrumentation when you listen to the clean vocals and they don’t honestly impress me at all. It sounds like all of the members are singing along when it comes to the clean vocals. It almost ruins the album, but hey they are tolerable after a few listens!

The technicality is through the roof, obviously. There’s some intricate and sophisticated sounding lead guitar work in all of the songs (except the intro, that only contains clean vocals). The rhythm guitar work is chaotic and brilliant as well. I dig the guitar riffs on Surrounded by Blinded Bigots and Suppurating the Deception. There’s nicely thrown in riffs and phrases to be found on most of the songs presented on this album. Basically all of the instruments are all over the place and I know they’re not in your typical 4/4 timing. Especially the drumming, you can definitely listen to the insane drumming on Throes of Death, the title track and Suppurating of Deception. I think some people may not be able to stomach this kind of technicality.

If you find technical death metal weird, this album is not for you. For those familiar with fellow technical & brutal death metal bands from Italy such as Hour of Penance, Hideous Divinity and Fleshgod Apocalypse, you will love this album. I love this album. I know I’ve given this a good amount of scrobbles (plays that records on to your profile and people are able to see what you have scrobbled when they view your profile) over the years.

Originally written for The Metal Archives.
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