[Central European Heavy Metal] Hazzard (DE)
Hazzard was formed by ex-Accept & ex-Sinner axe man Herman Frank. depending on which sites you go (ie Metal Archives, Discogs and Rate Your Music) the year of formation is quite mixed, so i have no clue when Hazzard were "Officially" formed, but it definitely was somewhere in the early 80's (i think right after leaving Accept on the Balls to the Wall tour) and definitely split before Herman Frank joined Victory.

also in for the ride is British singer Malcolm McNulty. once a Member of NWOBHM band Weapon (now known as Weapon UK) and member of Classic 70's UK Rock band Slade since 2005.

Hazzard only released one LP back in 1984 by cult label Mausoleum Records.

recommended to fans of Accept, Sinner, Scorpions, Victory, Pretty Maids, Dokken, Icon, Judas Priest, Great White (EP and Self title), Krokus and so on.

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