[Compilation] Riot (US) - Archives Volume 3: 1987-1988 (June 4, 2019)
Third volume is out today.
Quote:01 Thundersteel
02 Fight or Fall
03 Sign of the Crimson Storm
04 Run for Your Life
05 Buried Alive Intro
06 Johnny's Back
07 Warrior
08 A Place Called Tomorrow
09 Exciter
10 When Lights Go Down
11 Liar
12 Killer
13 On Your Knees
14 Metal Soldiers
15 Killer (Instrumental)
16 Keyboard Instrumental

Bonus DVD: Live at Halletsville, TX, USA August 21st 1988
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The DVD must be great, nice to see those old shows released with the quality of today.
"There ain't no way to stop us
and you'll never kill our pride
'cause it's not only music
it's a chosen way of life!"
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I'm especially excited to get this one; Never heard their cover of "Exciter" before. Still need to pick up Vol. 2 as well but Vol. 1 is absolutely worth having so I don't think i'll be disappointed. Actually also looking forward to Vol. 4 (Not sure if this is confirmed but would suspect HRR records will do it as the spines of these side-by-side should end up spelling "RIOT," with one letter per release).
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