[Death/Thrash Metal] Merciless (SE)
Merciless is a Swedish Death/Thrash. Formed since 1986, They're one of the first Death/Thrash band to rise in Swedish since has been signed into the label, "Deathlike Silence" where Euronymous owned this label (also was in Mayhem which we all know by now) and was releasing their full-length, "The Awakening". Merciless at first broke up since 1994 but back together since 1999 till now. Their sounds is more of a raw, savage and chaotic in its speedy rampage.

My band projects: RanCoffin (Black Metal, Crust/D-Beat Punk) and Haunted Burial (Traditional Doom Metal)

Quote:Your priorities Are wrong. Your faith Is blind. Crush the weak Uphold the strong. Burn the brains Of mankind.
-Amebix - Fear Of God (1985)
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The Awakening is a masterpiece.
“We must secure total annihilation of humanity and end all life on this planet”
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Surprised that we hadn't seen a Merciless thread posted before, even when we were on a roll with spamming death metal threads years ago. Thanks for doing the deed. Clap
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