[Demo] Altar (NL) - And God Created Satan to Blame for His Mistakes (September 7, 2019)
Altar (the original from the early 90's) is going to release a LP with four demo songs wich were recorded in 1992.In a limited release of 300 copies.Via Raw Skull Recordz.
The songs on that demo can all be found on the band's debut album 'Youth Against Christ' but they sound more raw and thrashier as they appear on the album.

One song is already for streaming/download on bandcamp.


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This sounds great, but I think them calling it an LP is a bit rich EP more like.

Had a look on Dicogs and their's a cassette version (a bit expensive) and a CD version VIC records did awhile back with a bunch of live tracks from 1993.
FinalShawn wrote:From that list, I chose Death...

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Loved the title, hehe.
"There ain't no way to stop us
and you'll never kill our pride
'cause it's not only music
it's a chosen way of life!"
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