Dream Child (US) - Until Death Do We Meet Again (September 14, 2018)
Yeah, the similarities are there. Headbanger

Quote:"Under The Wire", the new video from DREAM CHILD, a brand new band featuring former members of DIO, AC/DC and QUIET RIOT, can be seen above. The song is taken from DREAM CHILD's debut album, "Until Death Do We Meet Again", which will be released on September 14 via Frontiers Music Srl.


* Craig Goldy (DIO, GIUFFRIA): Guitar
* Wayne Findlay (MSG): Guitar, Keyboards
* Simon Wright (AC/DC, DIO, OPERATION: MINDCRIME): Drums
* Diego Valdez (HELKER): Vocals

Goldy stated about DREAM CHILD's formation: "The band DREAM CHILD was conceived during a brainstorming session with Serafino (president of Frontiers) and I one day while discussing other matters.

"I had been listening to my favorite bands a lot recently, DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW's 'Rising' album, among others in that style, and had noticed that many people who also love those bands often have the very same comments as one another: 'They don't make music like that anymore!' Even though I said that in passing, Serafino asked me a question that would forever shape my future. He simply asked, "Well, can you?" and I said, 'Yes!!!'

"During the very first public memorial for our most beloved Ronnie James Dio, I had mentioned that whenever I do start writing original material again that I would utilize everything that I had learned from working side by side with the Master for so many years in such a way that I would hope to make him proud... and here it is! The name is inspired by one of his lyrics on the 'Dream Evil' album and the nickname he gave me at the time, Dream Child!

"We are so very fortunate to have bassist Rudy Sarzo as a featured guest, Simon Wright on drums, Wayne Findlay on guitars and keyboards, and a surprise vocal discovery from Argentina, Diego Valdez, whose voice will send shivers up your spine!

"This album will bring back memories of the days most people have thought were long gone and never to return, yet it is also new and fresh enough to be unique with some unexpected twists and turns!! No more 'same old, same old' here, no fillers. Every song is an oasis in the desert and a rare gem in the coalmines of life in this new world that thinks the past greatness of rock would remain in the past. We've brought it back to life once again!!

"I am very proud of this album and all who have made this become a reality. There are some big names who've lent a hand in the writing and I am amazed at the new and aggressive sound that producer Alessandro Del Vecchio has brought to these songs! I hope you all agree...."

"Until Death Do We Meet Again" track listing:

01. Under The Wire
02. You Can't Take Me Down
03. Game Of Shadows
04. It Is What It Is
05. Playin' With Fire
06. Light Of The Dark
07. Midnight Song
08. Until Death Do We Meet Again
09. Washed Upon The Shore
10. In A World So Cold
11. Weird World
12. One Step Beyond The Grave
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Not bad, and Diego Valdez doing vocals is always a good thing
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