[European Power Metal] Amadeüs (ES)
Amadeüs was a pretty obscure band from Spain that I just happened to run across by chance. I actually normally dislike Euro power metal, but these guys were quite different and far above most of their peers. The style of power metal they play has consistently good musicianship and excellent lead guitar work. There's also a slight, tasteful touch of prog to their songs. The vocalist has a really nice timbre and sings excellently in his native Spanish language.

They only released a couple of albums before disappearing. I personally only own the first album which I can attest to being excellent. Snippets of the second album that I've heard sound just as good to me musically, but the production is a lot different and more trebly which may be a bit of a turnoff. Still, I plan to eventually give it a shot. It's neat stuff and pretty damn unique as far as euro power metal goes.

From the first album:

From the second album:
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Not too shabby for European power/progressive metal. This stuff at least has riffs and actual song progression. I dig the constant tempo changes. I wouldn't put it past you to want to listen to more of this sort of material.

It's not the heavy, SCREAMING power metal that I'm so used to, but it has modern substance all the well. Definitely better than what's become of Angra or even Stratovarius.
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You know me. I love good prog stuff (i.e. not Dream Theater-like Laugh). It's a very different take than what you normally get from this genre. If I remember correctly, the only reason I even found about these guys was because someone dumped a link on a /metal/ thread on 4chan. I happened to like the cover that showed up on the mouseover, so I gave it a listen was instantly impressed. Thanks mysterious Spanish anon whoever and wherever you are.
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So I finally managed to get the second album. The biggest difference is that the production is unfortunately kinda weird. It's pretty trebly and there's not that much meat to the guitar sound. But other than that, the music is still great and very creative. Nice guitarwork all around and there's still that strong progressive feel. The production was jarring at first, but by the third song I got over it and enjoyed it.
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