Florida Sucks!
We should have a thread on shitting on Florida, arguably the WORST state for any quality of living. The weather is crap, the job market is invisible (unless you like your crumbs), the "orange juice" is ass, tweakers and other crazy fucks are always on local news, mentally lost fuckers are always shooting places up, you'll never know if the road you're on will form a sinkhole, and so on. Lots of other very valid reasons to hate Florida. Fuck Miami, fuck Orlando, fuck Daytona Beach, fuck Pembroke Pines, fuck Jacksonville, fuck Tampa, fuck Port Lauderdale, fuck Gainesville, fuck St. Petersburg, and fuck...the rest of Florida!

Thirty reasons Florida sucks:
Quote:1. Florida's unemployment rate (one of the highest in the US)
2. Filthy bums everywhere (one of the leading states in the US with most homeless)
3. Tons of illegal aliens from Mexico and Cuba (one of the highest states in the US for illegal aliens)
4. Old people everywhere
5. Pay wage and Job opportunities Suck
6. Nothing is cheaper
7. Hurricanes
8. Property values decrease and then your trapped and can't sell
9. Home owners need to pay extra money for hurricane and flood insurance
10. Many people who live there have to work in other states to make ends meet
11. Drug addict central
12. Lack of culture
13. The climate is blistering hot and humid
14. Corrupt politician and racist police
15. Thunderstorms and rains almost everyday
16. Total cluster of tourists
17. Gators
18. Fire ants
19. Billions of blood sucking bugs(Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks)
20. Terrible sports teams
21. Terrible drivers and bad traffic conditions
22. Never see the autumn leaves change
23. Never have snow fall or a white Christmas
24. Never see the blooming of spring
25. No mountains
26. There are only two seasons hot and hotter.
27. Population of Florida is the rich, the old, and the scum of the earth
28. Florida is an industrialized swamp.
29. Out of all 50 states Florida ranks 48th worst in education and bases everything on 1 test the FCAT.
30. Need to Run Ac all year long (we had it on even on Christmas morning)
Oh, and I agree that California, Washington, Oregon, Louisiana, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and several others are undeniably shit states, but at least they all have positive aspects. Not Florida, though. Aside from the fact that musicians from Death, Massacre, Obituary, Deicide, Atheist, Cannibal Corpse, and other old school death metal bands happened to reside there during their prime (unfortunately), there's really nothing else to like about Florida! We did get some cool USPM bands like Crimson Glory, but so what? Florida sucks! Even lolcow Maddox despises Florida!

Some recent headlines in Florida, proving the state is trash: The list goes on and on. It's fucked up that people have to endure such madness for years and years. Jesus Christ, I hope they can at least make it to the borders of Alabama or Georgia, the neighboring states. From there, they could work on finding less shitty states to settle in. Those two states are also garbage, but not the colossal piece of shit that Florida is.

Rant time. Take it away, Rod Seller!

Finally, check out this page.
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