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i pretty much found a TRUE example of shitty Negative reviewer who only is on Metal-Archives to be like your typical AVGN style bad reviewer.

low and behold and for an example of how "Unintelligent" and "one-trick pony" this idiot is, here is his newest review. ladies and gentlemen, i give you Abigail

i know it seems rather pointless to bring up "Bad" Metal-Archive reviewers, but just seeing this today just made it more clearly of how "Bored" these losers get and quite frankly, to my eyes, ruins the "Art" of Reviewing. it's one thing to dislike, but to dislike and album for just the sake of it and not anything "Intelligent" to say is just flat out Pointless and this guy sure did not go into Reviewing for good writing and instead went in for just dumb comedy and scene points. fuck this jackass. lmao!.
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Heh, that's actually the same guy I mentioned a few posts ago. Regardless, I fully agree with you. It's a horrible review. I personally don't care too much for King Diamond either, but a 19% is ludicrous no matter how you slice it. It's hard to take a guy seriously when he complains about a NWOBHM album having "horribly melodic riffs."
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