Hank Shermann (DK) - 'The Bloody Theme' (February 8, 2019)
Minute-long stream available for streaming. Sounds OK, but nothing special. Maybe it's a good thing Mercyful Fate remained split...?

Quote:MERCYFUL FATE guitarist Hank Shermann will release a solo single, "The Bloody Theme", on February 8. The track, which was mixed by Tue Madsen, features guest appearances by vocalist Nicklas Sonne (DEFECTO) and drummer Bjarne T. Holm (MERCYFUL FATE).
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hmm, not special, but i will give it this, it at times reminds me of Denner/Sherman, but with better production and with a vocalist who seems to sound better than guy from Cage. lol. but i don't know if i'm completely sold though, i'll see.
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Definitely with you on the singer part! Laugh
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When I first layed eyes on the topic title I thought it was about Herman Frank, haha.
I agree, it isn't nothing breakthrough, but it's cool, pure traditional heavy metal!
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