[Hard Rock/Proto-Metal] Axe (US)
based out of Gainesville, Florida. originally formed as Babyface (don't know what year Babyface were formed) to then permanently changed their name to Axe in 1979 and released their self titled debut that same year.

Axe so far have about 6 album and soon to 7 since they will be releasing their album Final Offering on June 21st.

Axe's sound is AOR, but albeit on the more Metallic Hard Rockin' side, Offering and Nemesis are what most people might remember, since they were released on Acto records. but their first two album were released on Curb Records, but distributed through MCA Records. the band did disband in 1984, but then reformed in the 90's and released Five in 1996 and released The Crown in 2000, but in 2012 Ted Mueller died at the age of 57 and in 2007 Axe found replacement drummer Scott Misner. things had been quiet in the Axe camp since then, but about a month ago news get's broken that Axe will be releasing their 7th (and i think "Final") studio album titled Final Offering on June 21st.

for fans of Bon Jovi (first two), Night Ranger, Styx, Angel, Journey, Boston, 38 Special, Kansas, REO Speedwagon (early Material), Montrose, Gamma, Judas Priest, Riot, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Foreigner, Triumph, April Wine, Aerosmith, Starz etc... etc...

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Nemesis is indeed a classic in the genre. I remember picking up a copy really cheap on vinyl off a local seller. I think the best song off that album is "She's Had the Power", since I dig the rather infectious chorus. I agree with comparing this band to Night Ranger, since that's the closest comparison that instantly comes to mind.

One of those AOR-ish bands that focused more on melody than superstardom.

Another band you'd like, Heavy Thrashhead, is Rail (from Seattle, Washington). They made quite a buzz in the scene back in the early 1980s, and they're still around. I had a chance to catch them locally six years ago, but couldn't afford a ticket in time.
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