[Hard Rock/Proto-Metal] Gift (DE)
based out of Augsburg, Germany. formed in 1969 under the name of Phallus Dei before changing it to Gift when signing to the Telefunken label.

Gift usually get's lumped in as a Prog Rock band (or Krautrock, a Sub genre of Prog that is mostly classified with German bands), but while i can see them being classified as Krautrock, they definitely seem to really fit with the Hard Rock/Proto-Metal Genre.

they only released two albums in the early 70's before breaking up. this band was quite unique in my opinion. both albums have different Vibes and sounds, but both being in the same realm of Hard Rock that at times has a Proggy and Psychedelic feel to 'em. their first album is probably the Heaviest of the two, but their second and last album titled Blue Apple is, while more Heavy on the Hammond Organ side (due to adding in Organ player Dieter Frei) which gives 'em more of a Deep Purple/Uriah Heep feel, but also adding in new second Guitar player Dieter Atterer (british Guitar player Nick Woodland had left after the recording of the Self title debut) which gives 'em much more of a Twin Guitar attack that kinda gives 'em more of a Metallic tone to the Musical writing.

Sadly, Blue Apple would be their last album and if you ask me, the band was getting somewhere and should had been placed next to Scorpions and Lucifer's Friend as one of Germany's biggest Heavy bands.

anyways. for fans of Scorpions, Lucifer's Friend, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Rainbow, Focus, etc... etc..

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