[Hard Rock/Proto-Metal] Vinnie Vincent Invasion (US)
Weird how we have centralized discussion threads on Kiss, Guns N' Roses, and Ratt, yet Vinnie Vincent's only threads are his recent tabloid-ish actions and words.

Anyway, I felt it right to create a quick thread for his old band, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, which was formed back in 1984, but had written songs in 1982 or before. That was right around the time that Vincent had a brief run with Kiss, when they were making the waves for adopting a more MTV-influenced brand of hard rock on the likes of Lick It Up (arguably heavier than their "legendary" albums).

It should be pretty obvious that the band was gaining fame quite quickly like that. The songs "Boyz Are Gonna Rock", "Love Kills", and "That Time of Year" were also made into music videos, but I'm sticking with certain songs that had a slightly harder sound to them. To remain neutral on a band I'm not a fan of at all is the key, but this is a metal forum, so we'll go with the best riffs they could come up with.

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I surprisingly like this band a lot! "Boyz Are Gonna Rock" has a memorable music video! It's so great and funny!

Watch it!
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