How Do You See Technology in the Next Couple of Decades?
If there's one thing that mankind should be credited for, it's the rapid evolution of technology.

For many decades and even centuries, we've depended on machines to make our lives easier. As it stands with our current progress, we can only do so much more with it to enhance our everyday activities. Technology can suit our needs, from doing laboratory work to enjoying yourself at home to some video games.

It was only a matter of time before we went from using microwave-shaped monitors to HDTVs for our computers. Back in the pre-Windows XP days, you'd be one lucky bastard to own a computer with over 300 MB of RAM, 30 GB of hard drive space, or even using USB drives in favor of floppy disks.

What's really intriguing is that even several years from now, most of our current technology — from smartphones to USB hubs — may be considered obsolete by whatever new ideas are on the horizon.

I just hope that many contemporaries from the present will still serve a purpose in the future. I mean, people are still buying vinyl, so there's some hope that we're not suddenly just going to start having our music collections implanted in our heads or self-driving cars becoming the norm!
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