Judas Iscariot (US) - (1996) Thy Dying Light - 9/10
Artist: Judas Iscariot (US)
Release: Thy Dying Light (1996)
Rating: 9/10

Judas Iscariot is one of those American Black Metal band that gives me a lot of attentions. I been going through the whole discography of Judas Iscariot and his stuff is really raw, dirty and has that atmosphere in there. One of the album i chose out of the Judas Iscariot is 'Thy Dying Light' which is one of my favorite albums out of them.

Starting out the beginning of the whole album, "But Eternals Beheld his vast forests..." it start out with dark melody of tremolo picking riffs with rapid drumming on the whole track. By the middle of the track, it goes to the mid-tempo that makes you headbang so hard that you'll be feeling dizzy afterward but in all seriousness, good break from the rapid 160 bpm. The riff was very neat that it give it the fitting mid beat without having to sacrifice on watering down the riff to fit within the drumming. "His Eternal life, Like a dream was obliterated..." is a slow track with focusing on giving it the dreamy atmosphere of the guitar making it feels like your in a solitude dream state where you wandering around a foggy dark forest, with plants and wet trees everywhere. He did a good job capturing the imagination and translating to his music releasing his dark thought from his mind. "Helpless It Lay, Like a Worm In His Frozen Track" is a another good track from here that combine the rapidness tempo and doomy vibe in the middle of track. During the middle of the track, he gives it another very dark atmosphere with doom in there to support his dark gloominess, misanthrope riffs. What great riffs he made in this track. For a 10:51 track, it pretty impressive how he manage to throw in various of riffs and different drum beats. "Writhing Upon Wind of mystic philosophy and dreams..." has this Darkthrone (Black metal era) vibes in there which is cool i admitted. While the drums aren't really the best as the track goes by, it still has that powerful, solid guitar riffs that helps back up the dull drumming to give it a boot along with the bass.

People that has listened to this album, criticized his drum performance on the whole album. Even though there's something up with the drumming like delays or off beat on some of the tracks, remember when Sodom's "In Sign Of Evil" EP has sloppy drumming that Witchhammer performed back in the day? Well, the thing is that sloppy drumming can give the album the entertainment value and edge for the listener even if there are some mistakes if not all mistakes. Even if the drumming is not perfect, you'll have to give this guy credit for practicing....a lot and record a track. For Akhenaten case, it's not bad of drumming compare to what I've seen before with the other one which that gonna be save on another subject for later.

Overall, this is a good album and a improvement over the previous album, "The Cold Earth Slept Below..." by Judas Iscariot. If you big into Darkthrone, Marduk or any type of black metal especially Swedish or Finland , i would suggest giving it a listen and then go through his discography whenever you got the time.
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I haven't heard much but, from what I have heard it sounds very creative.
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