Keeping Games Sealed?
I remember pondering on this subject for quite a while. When I was really into collecting retro games (within reasonable pricing), I was appalled seeing sealed copies of games such as Chrono Trigger (even the cartridge itself can set you back a good forty dollars, if lucky). I wondered why this was even a thing, because I thought the point to collecting the games is for physical ownership, and not just to pay tons of money for something that you'd refuse to actually consume.

I do understand, however, when you keep a duplicate untouched, either so you could have a backup or make some sort of "time capsule" in which you could store a few sealed games that you'd like to "unearth" at some point in the future. It's really just a state of mind, so I personally wouldn't go that far with my collecting habits.

Regardless, I find the concept of keeping games sealed just to turn a profit pretty silly. Almost no one is rich (or stupid) enough to pay thousands of dollars for a game that's allegedly "still sealed". For all we know, you could've opened it yourself and THEN resealed it.
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