Metal from Texas
Discuss some of your favorite Texan metal and rock bands.

Among some of the very best in my opinion are more of the death metal and thrash metal breeds, but you'll often come across some noteworthy heavy/power/speed metal gems.

Two of the very best thrash metal bands to step out of Texas, by far, are Rigor Mortis and Watchtower. These two bands are radically different from each other, but few out there could even compare to them stylistically. Rigor Mortis was unique in that they had more of a horror-meets-humor approach to their sound (I can only think of Blood Feast as coming close to this theme at the time), whereas Watchtower injected tons of technicality and attitude to the sound as "early" as 1984 on their first demo (all four of the songs carried over to Energetic Disassembly). Both bands really set the standard for what was to come by the next decade.

I'm also a fan of some of the old school death metal to come out of Texas. Necrovore was certainly the kind of band that could've changed the course for death metal, provided their classic demo could've led to a successful record deal.

For traditional metal, that's honestly more my thing, and I can always find some classics in that vein. Helstar needs no introduction, but I've always felt that stuff like Ripper, Syrus (Ray Alder from Fates Warning was with them for a while), and S.A. Slayer (they were considered "the" Slayer when they first formed) could have led to bigger and better prospects.

Also, here's a really nice playlist of other noteworthy underground true metal bands from Texas:
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Right Mortis self-titled is impeccable! NOW YOU FEEL! SLOW DEATH!
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Hey what about Pantera! (Just kidding. Tongue)

Watchtower all day every day for me. I like Jarzombek's other stuff as well of course (Spastic Ink and Blotted Science).
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A Houston-based band I like is a relatively newer one, Oceans of Slumber. They mix doom, progressive, and death styles all into one glorious concoction. Live, they are mesmerizing. Didn't care for their original vocalist all that much (his cleans were kind of meh), but the addition of Cammie Gilbert a few years ago really pushed them over the top for me. They put on a fantastic show at ProgPower USA last year.
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A lot of strong bands have come out of the Lone Star State with exceptional scenes in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and even some of the smaller cities like Corpus Christi seem to have talent. Just to look at a few of them....

Dallas/DFW: Painkiller mentioned Rigor Mortis (RIP), but another thrash band to come out with a killer debut was Gammacide. Victims of Science is an overlooked classic of thrash' glory days with nothing short of an onslaught of aggressive riffing. More recently, Power Trip's two albums have been widely lauded as some of the best thrash in recent years with Nightmare Logic as something that could be slotted in with many classics. On the other side of the spectrum, Solitude Aeturnus is a legend in doom with multiple albums considered among the best in epic doom.

Austin: Birth A.D.'s I Hate You did not get the sort of acclaim that Nightmare Logic received, but it is another of the stronger modern thrash releases and also hews closer to the crossover side of the equation. For an older band, Agony Column was far from a boundary-pusher, but with a certain charisma from frontman Devil Chicken and a feel for raucous tunes based off fairly standard metal it is fun band to listen to.

Corpus Christi: Devastation-Idolatry is a classic for a reason, just heavy barrages of riffing all throughout with the chorus chants of, "I-doll-a-tree," recognizable to any thrash fan. More recently, the black metal scene has gotten some attention with Votan and a couple of other acts receiving a second look from fans.

A lot of other great bands have come out of the state, but I wanted to the emphasize how spread out they all are with different scenes and areas being well-represented.
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(04-08-2019, 07:49 PM)StainedClass95 Wrote: On the other side of the spectrum, Solitude Aeturnus is a legend in doom with multiple albums considered among the best in epic doom.
Good post overall, but thanks for mentioning Solitude Aeturnus! Always loved their USPM-meets-doom-metal approach. The first two albums are simply untouchable. Sucks that they can be scarce as originals.
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Holy shit, Gammacide! Glad someone mentioned them. It's a damn shame that they didn't have any more albums after Victims of Science. If I recall, that band ended up becoming Texas Metal Alliance and then Warbeast, which both bands I don't think are around anymore. It's a damn shame, a lot of talent there. Devastation is another really good band, especially Idolatry, but even Signs of Life was pretty good, never heard their first album, some say it's not very good? I will have to take a listen.
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