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Traveler are a heavy metal band from Canada that have just released their debut album on Gates of Hell Records, an imprint of Cruz Del Sur. I kept seeing the album cover around and decided to check it out. I was presently surprised. Definitely a promising first release from a new band. Features members/former members of Gatekrashör, Gatekeeper, Borrowed Time, etc. Check it out! If you know me at all, you'll know that I typically don't dig anything new.


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i had no clue how this was gonna sound like, thought it would sound like either Axxion or Skull Fist. of course i'll let the cat out of the bag, the minute i saw that there is member from Gatekrashor i was more weary (i have a funny past with two of the members from that band, LOL, also, Gatekrashor sucks).

i am wrong, the first five minutes of the video ("Starbreaker") and i'm sold, this is by far better than Axxion and Skull Fist (and better than Hrom and Gatekrashor). the guitar player should stick with Traveler. the singer here is quite promising, has a good pair of lungs. i will get this.
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I saw Gatekeeper last year, and I think they play their stuff really well. One of the few bands in the modern age that flies the "epic metal" banner in proud glory.
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Gates of Hell Records/ Cruz Del Sur are great record labels an have released many modern quality records, keen to pick this up at some point.
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