[Northern European/Scandinavian Heavy Metal] Kim Sixx (DK)
Kim Sixx was the brainchild of the Lead female fronted singer Kim "Power Bay" Sixx. based out of Aarhus; Denmark and formed in 1984. known for releases two Demos and the very well regarded "7 single which contained the tracks "Warrior (aka Warrior Whip Your Horse) and "Bang Your Head". there were also five other songs recorded as well that can be found on the band's Soundcloud page which i'll link at the bottom.

it's not specified when the band broke up. but i'll take a guess and say it was before Kim "Power Baby" Sixx horrific Car accident that sadly killed her in the 90's (never specified on what date she died on). so don't expect a reunion, unless the band members decide to find a new singer and start up a new band under new name to continue the legacy.

as for the music. i just got into Kim Sixx yesterday and was quite impressed. for some reason, i kinda put Kim Sixx off, i remember seeing the name and the artwork for the "7 single, but for some reason never cared. glad i did checked 'em out. very good Quality Metal that reminds me a lot of Chastain, while the late frontwoman Kim "Power Baby" Sixx reminds me Katrien De Lombaert of cult Belgium Speed Metal tyrants Acid.

definitely recommend to fans of Chastain (US), Leather (US), Mercyful Fate (DK), Heavy Load (SE), Overdrive (SE), Acid (BE) etc... etc...

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