[Northern European/Scandinavian Metal] Mercyful Fate / King Diamond (DK/US/SE)
(04-23-2016, 12:01 PM)DarkRuler Wrote: The best without doubt is Mercyful Fate. King Diamond I like too but I do not love the modern style. The albums "House of God" and "Give Me Your Soul" were very shit! I never felt so insulted.

(06-14-2016, 04:32 PM)Keeper Wrote: I have the same opinion. When I want to listen to real good King's albums I go only untill The Eye.

I always thought House of God had an old KD vibe. Something that was completely gone after the Puppet Master; At least a few songs off HoG give me that feel (The Trees Have Eyes, title song, Catacomb); GMYSP is definitely shit.
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(06-14-2016, 07:49 PM)Phantasm Wrote: I always thought House of God had an old KD vibe. Something that was completely gone after the Puppet Master; At least a few songs off HoG give me that feel (The Trees Have Eyes, title song, Catacomb); GMYSP is definitely shit.
Yeah, House of God isn't entirely bad, it has some good moments. A pity that King don't inspire himself on them anymore.
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If you're into spending money on pointless things like me, this may be up your alley

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Quote:Andy La Rocque and our sound engineer Pontus Norgren, have begun work on the sound files from the shows we recorded on the US 2015 Abigail Tour. Andy said he was surprised by how good it all sounds. I have personally seen a rough cut of the song “The Possession” which was put together for us as a pre-taster by Denise Korycki who is in charge of the video project, and I can tell you it sounded and looked amazing!

Everything has taken a little longer than we initially thought it would, but we now also have footage from our 2016 European Summer Festivals and we’re reviewing that as well for inclusion in the DVD set. I can’t tell you a release date at this moment, but we’re definitely sticking our heads full time into this project now.

Once we have finished work on the DVD, it will be time for writing and recording the next brand new King Diamond studio album. 2017 will be spent mostly on writing and recording, and we will also try to fit in a few special festival shows, performing the same set as on the Abigail tour. We might even hit a few places we haven’t been in a million years.

Now you know as much as I do.

Stay Heavy,
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I don't understand honestly why it's taken this long. Bands release multiple DVDs per year; everything from the KD camp just feels like a chore.

Also it's been 12 years since the last LP. Outside of the downtime for his various health issues, I find it hard to believe he doesn't have some songs/musical/concept ideas or otherwise ready to go. The impression that I had all this time was that the album was essentially written and they just needed to record it.
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Quote:Psycho Las Vegas 2017 — set to take place from August 18 through August 20 at the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada — confirms KING DIAMOND as the festival's grand headliner!

2017 marks thirty years since the release of KING DIAMOND's landmark "Abigail" release. King's appearance at Psycho will be his only U.S. performance of 2017.

With a career spanning more than thirty-five groundbreaking years, King Diamond stands among the ultimate heavy metal icons. From landmark records with MERCYFUL FATE to establishing the band KING DIAMOND in 1985 and unleashing the unholy trinity of "Fatal Portrait" (1986), "Abigail" (1987) and "Them" (1988) upon the world, King Diamond's vocals, atmosphere, and songs have become the staple diet among multiple generations of headbangers.

Additional headliners, full lineup, and official festival artwork to be revealed in the coming weeks with tickets currently available for the monumental event at this location. Payment options for Psycho Las Vegas 2017 are available through Affirm, with immediate delivery of tickets.

Psycho Las Vegas 2017 confirmed lineup:


VIP tickets are on sale as of January 18.
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The Crypt Sermon boys played this last year and said it was a blast to be there, although bizarre environmentally (apparently one of the stages is pool front?). Would love to go to Vegas/see KD again, but KD alone so far isn't a big enough draw for me.

Also, play an MF show. That'd be great.
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Been revisiting a lot of MF and some KD stuff. The more I think about it and recall various interviews read over the years, the more and more it strikes me how odd of a person King Diamond seems to be. Various random things I've been thinking on: Mikkey Dee leaves the band, but they get him to do session on the next record. OK fine, beyond that they start using drum machines despite having a drummer credited on the albums (At least on the Eye, but In the Shadows and Time always sounded a bit odd to my ears as well). I recall interviews with Snowy Shaw stating how KD was "an old man," and "set in his ways" and was against using a real kit. Additionally, The constant touring and running both of the bands into the ground in the '90s. All of those albums are great in their own ways, but I can't help but think things may have been different if there was a cohesive focus instead of the teetering between the two bands, and then the final transition to only doing KD after 9. Why have taken both that far and then drop it. A lot of people would argue that 9 was almost a return to form and one of the strong late era MF albums.

More recently, the insistence of having his wife involved in all matters musically now is also annoying. We'll see what happens moving forward. Michael Denner and Hank Shermann are very obviously interested in doing MF again, whether for money or other reasons whereas KD seems to be only focused on his solo project indefinitely.
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From the upcoming DVD:
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About time, but I hope the new album is good. I absolutely disliked the one from last time. It was my first King Diamond experience, albeit horrendously sour. I avoided his music for years until stumbling on some classic Mercyful Fate. I wish that wasn't the case to begin with, because he really is a true pioneer in the genre. King Diamond
Quote:KING DIAMOND is preparing to enter the studio to begin writing and recording the long-awaited follow-up to 2007's "Give Me Your Soul... Please" album. The band is also putting the finishing touches on the Blu-ray and DVD filmed during KING DIAMOND's 2015-2016 "Abigail In Concert" tour.

KING DIAMOND's singer and namesake spoke about the group's plans for the coming months during a March 29 appearance on Eddie Trunk's SiriusXM radio show. He said: "As soon as the DVD is finished — it'll be a matter of two or three weeks — [KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy La Rocque] is showing up here [in Frisco, Texas] to initiate my home studio where I'm gonna do all the vocals for a brand new KING DIAMOND studio album."

Although the music for the next KING DIAMOND disc is far from completed, the storyline is "about 80 percent done," according to King. "There's some very unique things I'm putting into it this time where you will relate to some of the sounds you hear on it, 'cause it's sounds that you will hear on certain days in your private life," he said. "You're outdoors, or whatever, and you might hear certain sounds and you will, guaranteed, think, if you heard the album, 'I wonder if that thing King talked about could have happened when I heard that sound here.'"

After recently signing with 5B Artist Management, the company that represents SLIPKNOT and MEGADETH, among other acts, King said that 2019 will likely see KING DIAMOND "playing more shows than we might have ever played in a year in our career. And that has a lot to do with new management and a great booking agent and record label — everybody around us is really doing a great job of trying to put a whole lot of things together that would never have been possible the way we were doing things up until now where we have done everything ourselves. I know 5B was very surprised that we had gotten to where we were without having management ever," he added. "We had to learn the hard way all the time. But it's nice to have the knowledge, and now it's great to see some people that have the power to open doors that we cannot open ourselves."
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I've learned that when King Diamond "soon," that it essentially means never. I'm not optimistic judging by his general track record of late. His wife's vox will 1100% be featured on this album. While this was a good (and creative move for his band) for the Puppet Master, they were completely pointless on the flawed GMYSP. We shall see. I will definitely buy and consume anything he releases.

I am curious to see when this DVD surfaces. Much like the much promised pair of DVDs (circa 2010? Maybe earlier?) that were supposed to detail multiple eras of MF and KD's distinctive careers, this has been lost in the mix for years now. They filmed 2 individual shows for footage, one of which I attended. I wonder if my drunk ass made the film footage. What a night that was.
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(09-07-2018, 06:40 PM)Painkiller Wrote: Whoa!

Saw this on instagram and thought "need". Not sure if I will though.
FinalShawn wrote:From that list, I chose Death...

Instagram @dutch_steel

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Does anyone know the year this was taken? During the Abigail production period, perhaps?
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Painkiller Where did you get the image? It's his Abigail costume for sure. Possibly the "Family Ghost" video shoot?
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It was linked around via a random social media page, so I quickly snatched it.

He does look more "developed" there than his usual look in the early Mercyful Fate days.
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Cool. Looks like it's confirmed to be a double album.
Quote:KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy La Rocque spoke to The Metal Voice about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the long-awaited follow-up to the band's 2007 "Give Me Your Soul... Please" album.
"It's probably gonna be two separate albums — not released in the same package," Andy said (hear audio below). "But the next album will be a continuation of the first one coming up."
Regarding the lyrical themes covered on the next KING DIAMOND album, Andy said: "To be honest with you, I don't really know too much about the story itself, [except for] the very few lines [King Diamond, the band's singer and namesake] told me so far. So that will be something to talk to King about, definitely. But all I know is it's gonna be a complete new story, of course, and it's gonna be about life and death and everything in between."
As for the musical direction of the new KING DIAMOND material, Andy said: "I would say, so far, from what I've been doing, it's getting back more towards the classical style of KING DIAMOND — more towards 'Abigail' or the first couple of albums, I would say. And I hope that the fans won't be disappointed over that."
La Rocque added that "it's impossible to say" when the new KING DIAMOND studio album will be released. "But I know that King has pretty much the full story in his head already," he said. "And then he has to write down all the specific lyrics, the details and everything, as soon as the music is done. So it's impossible to say, but we're doing the best we can to finish. So far, I have three songs, and I'm aiming at around five songs, and I think King is doing about the same — about five songs. So, we'll see. That doesn't mean it's gonna be 10 songs on the album. But we're working on it, definitely."
According to Andy, the first of the two new KING DIAMOND albums will be a standalone release, to be followed by the second part some time later.
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Been giving this subject a lot of thought lately. It's just undeniable how relentless the guitar playing is on those first two albums. I think whether accidental or not, that level of heaviness was directly channeled on many guitar-oriented albums.

For example, I was just listening to Hideaki Nakama's "Point of No Return" recently, and there are some areas of that song where I often get a Michael Denner vibe, especially with the way it kicks off. I guess comparatively, Yngwie J. Malmsteen's "I Am a Viking" also has that chugging heaviness, and it was released several years ago. There's just something I dig about that flavor in melodic guitar.
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Denner/Shermann were something from another world. The whole band was really; they are the one band that in my book will never have anyone come close to what they did. Often "imitated," never replicated. Some old interview somewhere with either King or Hank Shermann was recounts the band practiced a crazy amount like 6 out of 7 days per week. It shows as those album will always hold up.

Was always a bit more partial to Denner. He has the melancholy that he can get with his leads that a lot of people would love to have.
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