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At this point in time, both Ross the Boss and K.K. Downing would make a pretty badass duo of guitarists. What could be even better than having one of the musicians who's influenced your playing to the very core to play alongside you?

I have no faith left in the current incarnation of "Judas Priest", and although I'm grateful that Glenn Tipton is still partly in the band, it's now starting to look like a glorified Halford line-up. Sad to say this about one of my favorite bands of all time, but shit will eventually hit the fan.
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I feel like stepping away from something you've done (especially at a continuously high level) for decades has to be hard. I think he left some time after the 2010 tour; maybe after the Epitaph run? It always seemed like an odd choice. I saw Priest a few times during that span and after in '04 (Halford reunion), '10 (British Steel 30th Anniv.), then twice on the Redeemer tour, and more recently on the later half of the Firepower runs. It was always kind of a mixed bag. Take the Redeemer tour for instance: first show was great but there was noticeably something off with Glenn. Second show was awful; there were just moments that were not right and it felt like the band was underperforming or holding back.

Whether or not behind the scenes tension over the Glenn situation played a role in KK's departure is unknown I guess. He seemingly had no health issues, so why walk away? I think it takes a certain kind of resolve to completely walk away and not look back (Neil Peart)
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Ian Hill Bass (1970-present)
Rob Halford Vocals (1973-1992, 2003-present)
Glenn Tipton Guitars (1974-present) Sick leave
Scott Travis Drums (1989-present)

Richie Faulkner Guitars (2011-present)

Andy Sneap Guitars (2018-present)

Judas Priest are stronger today than they have been for a number of years imo, yes one member left and one got sick but that still leaves three members that have been there for some time. To back this up Firepower released last year was the best thing they've done since Painkiller and that tour was totally killer I can personally attest to that.
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