Onslaught (UK) - TBA Album (TBA 2019)
"A Perfect Day To Die", the new video from British thrashers ONSLAUGHT, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's upcoming album, due later in the year via AFM Records.

Guitarist Nige Rockett comments: "We are super stoked to finally get some new material out to the fans.

"'A Perfect Day To Die' is a nod to our sadly departed friends from MOTÖRHEAD who were a major influence for ONSLAUGHT over the years.

"The track has been mixed by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, U.D.O., EVERGREY) and produced by ourselves and Pete Hinton (SAXON). It sounds so heavy with a super-aggressive vibe. It really has a ton of potential.

"Right now, we're currently working flat out finish the remainder of the writing for the next record. Things are sounding so cool, fresh and very brutal."

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Instrumentally, it sounds really good. I like the guitar tone in particular. The composition is pretty standard speed/thrash metal fare. I'm definitely getting some Motörhead vibes, especially with the way it kicked off.

The first two albums are still the best.
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I agree that their first two albums are the best, but the following ones are good too. I like Killing Peace and Sounds of Violence, they're very furious.

About the new song, it's nice, has that punk oriented melody, as a homage to Motorhead, but without leaving the band's typical style.
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this sounds promising.

the only other later day Onslaught album i own is Sounds of Violence which is a good album. but i have not heard anything from Killing Peace and VI (the last album).
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From hearing their new song, so far so good. I get that punk vibe in there but at the same time, you have your standard Speed/Thrash in there too. Plus the guitar is crispy and heavy as hell. I like it! Onslaught'a early stuff is the best imo.
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The newer Onslaught albums are pretty good.It has a modern sound but still the old school vibe.Or the other way around,it depends how you look at it. Wink
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