[Other] HI-GH (IT)
Hail to all maniacs on this huge forum!
We're HI-GH from Rome...here you can listen our new album and all old (but always good and speed) stuffs!! And, of course, follow us via our Facebook's page!




Thanks you all for supporting us! Speed Metal Force Has Returned!Image

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Very good I liked what I heard!! And Welcome!
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Welcome to the FoS! Some good stuff, this video at the beginning cracked me up:
"I saw Kirk Hammet pick up Tiny Tim's ukulele and play some Metallica solos...sounded JUST like the record..."

"If you listen to BM, but you don’t know what phase the moon is in, or what wild flowers are blooming then you have failed. It is shocking to me that one could be seriously interested in Black Metal and not be deeply committed to radical ecology."
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