[Other] RanCoffiN (US)
aka Rancid-Coffin is a band of mine I've formed since early March. This quote below will tell you everything that my true intention of this band of mine is.

Quote:Plays between raw Crust/D-Beat Punk and Black Metal; influenced by the likes of Nargaroth, Judas Iscariot, Darkthrone, Burzum, Sargeist, Taake, Throne of Ahaz, Ratos De Poreo, Anti-Cimex, The Varukers, Discharge, Mob 47, Disfear, Driller Killer, Pest, Poison Idea, Skitsystem.

No blast beats, no breakdown! Just good old hardcore punk with a bit of French and English in there.

Basically what RanCoffiN is aiming for is to do something a bit different with D-Beat/Crust Punk like crafting a darker version of punk with tremolo picking, sinister riffs of black metal with aggression, chaotic drums, and rotten, dirty bass sounds. For now, I've released a demo to show what it is all about. I'm already working on an LP that may be coming soon this later this year or next year. Hope you all enjoy this piece of art! Hand

My band projects: RanCoffin (Black Metal, Crust/D-Beat Punk) and Haunted Burial (Traditional Doom Metal)

Quote:Your priorities Are wrong. Your faith Is blind. Crush the weak Uphold the strong. Burn the brains Of mankind.
-Amebix - Fear Of God (1985)
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It sounds damn impressive. Powerful sounding music! I like all aspects. I look forward to the full-length album.

Oh and what's going on with Haunted Burial?
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