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[Other] Riot (US)
Looked'em up on MA and was a bit confused till I worked out they're called Riot V now
I'm a day late dollar short on this one.
FinalShawn wrote:From that list, I chose Death...

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Yeah, I wrote a scathing report on that, but I think I forgot to send it in. Mark Reale's Riot and Riot V are different bands. Not sure why the pages were merged in the first place. That's the whole point of Riot V

In regards to the Sons of Society record, I feel that it's too mid-paced and mediocre song wise. I enjoy the DiMeo era and think Nightbreaker and Army of One are awesome records. I kept finding myself drifting off during Sons, and then upon coming back to it, I was just wondering when the album would be over. The only song that stood out for me was "Cover Me." The other two albums I mentioned previously, despite maybe being a bit too long, are filled with great tracks. The only other one from this era I know is Inishmore, which I'd placed right above Sons. Been trying to track down the others.
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I remember when they said that they wanted to honor Mark Reale's legacy, albeit without using the "Riot" name.

What do you think of "Dragonfire"? It's pretty fast-paced power metal, if you ask me. I found it heavier than most of the other Riot albums from that era. I think Army of One is the most disappointing Riot release to date. Very tired-sounding parts with a bunch of chorus repetitions. It's still a good album, so a solid seven on a good day.
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"Dragonfire" just gives me the vibe of a weaker version of something off Nightbreaker. DiMeo doesn't sound as good overall on that record. Not a bad song, but doesn't necessarily stand out to me.
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Quote:Fight Or Fall is a multi-part documentary telling the complex tale of Riot and follows Riot V as they tour the USA, Canada with festivals in Japan and Europe. Part 1 is streaming below, released on founding guitarist Mark Reale's birthday, June 7th, by The Metal Voice.

Part 1 covers the formation of Riot, Rock City, Narita-eras and the demise and resurrection of the band for their most popular album, Fire Down Under. The first instalment also covers Riot V in rehearsals and preparation for their US dates and their trek into Chicago and Detroit.

Guests included in Part 1:

Steve 'Lips' Kudrow - Anvil
Martin Popoff - Rock Author
Anthony Reale - Mark Reale's Father
Mike Flyntz - Riot V and Riot guitarist
Donnie Van Stavern - Riot V and Riot bassist
Frank Gilchriest - Riot V and Riot drummer
Todd Michael Hall - Riot V vocalist
Lance Barnewold - Riot V touring guitarist in July 2017
Lou A Kouvaris - Riot guitarist (1976-1978)
Rick Ventura - Riot guitarist (1978-1983)
Phil Feit - Riot bassist (1974-1976) (1979-1980), Billy Idol, Joan Jett
Peter Bitelli - Riot drummer (1972-1980)

Filmmaker Jimmy Kay had this to say about the project, "This is a reality/documentary, the viewer gets to watch the band travel in the first person from city to city, see them perform their music, tell their stories and interact with themselves and the fans. It captures the brotherhood, the continuation of Riot V and bridges the two entities together. The documentary also aims to explain the Riot back story and legacy."

Giles Lavery co-producer concluded, "The story of Riot is one of the most unique and inspiring in the history of hard rock and heavy metal, the story has many twists and turns along the way, but the songs were and are always at forefront as some of the best in hard rock and heavy metal."
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Pre-order it at Cherry Red Records.
Quote:Riot – The Official Box Set Volume 1 – 1976-1980: 6CD Box Set
Box Sets, HNE Recordings
Released September 29, 2017.
Riot’s story is one of what might have been, and to some degree, a band being (or not) in the right place at the right time. What this 6 CD live collection does offer is unique, and often raw, insights into the growth and development of an influential hard rock and heavy metal band, as they graduated from small clubs in 1976 through to huge festivals in 1980. Mastered from tapes in the collection of the estate of founder member and guitarist Mark Reale.
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Ah, I just found out that Riot had another music video! This time, it's for The Brethren of the Long House. Great jam right there.
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Ready for more Riot DRAMA?! Suicide

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what a fuckin' mess, but you know what is also a mess?...that comment section on the last pic there where Sandy was trying to find out about getting a trophy. the fact that THAT section turned into a "lets shit on Thundersteel and keep praising Fire Down Under" (which i honestly still think Narita is a better album than Fire Down Under is fuckin' insulting in a way, cause they act like that even that era was not Riot when Mark was still alive, some guy there wants to push that Riot V is not Riot but won't defend the late 80's and 90's to 2000's era, how stupid, so i guess the Riot fanbase is turning into a toxic wasteland then, i guess. fuck that. what a way to inject their agenda to someone's else's problems. fucking dumb asses.
Quote:Juiceman (Dopeman that's my shit) to be a dopeman you gotta qualify don't get high off ya own supply
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I was disgusted by the disdain towards Thundersteel. In my book, the very best album that they did, regardless of who's who. That's the "real" Riot to me -- what they set out to do since the very beginning, with songs like "Warrior" pushing their way towards power metal territory.

I like all four eras of Riot, but Tony Moore just stood out the most to me. In fact, I've been loving Mike DiMeo's style more than what I heard on the albums starring Guy Speranza OR Rhett Forrester.

What a poser, right?
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i think everyone has a right to enjoy what they want to enjoy, but to act like that the Tony or Mike era's of Riot should not exist is pretty fucking childish and immature.
Quote:Juiceman (Dopeman that's my shit) to be a dopeman you gotta qualify don't get high off ya own supply
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Too cool not to share:
Quote:.......... ROCK N ROLL MOMENTS ! ...........
- sitting knee to knee with Bill Ward and having him clench his fist and say " I've punched John Bonham with this very hand "
- standing at the soda machine at S.I.R. and having Stanley Clarke bum some change from me
- having someone come up to me and ask if I'd mind sound checking Neil Perts drums
- the second Rush song I ever heard in my life was Limelight and I heard it while I was playing it with Rush
- kicking my Premier drums over at a sold out Hammersmith Odeon in London
- playing the Empire Theatre in Liverpool , the place the Beatles aspired to play
- playing Strutter with Ace Frehley and having it sound like the REAL hammer of the Gods
- playing the smallest place in N.J. ( capacity 25, and it was in a gravel pit) and the largest (the Meadowlands) within 3yrs.of each other
- having Joe Morello call a 19 year old me up to play drum solo's with a Beck , Bogart and Appice era Carmine Appice at a Ludwig Drum Company symposium in Miami
- finding out just what headbangiing is when the place explodes on the first song of the first gig Riot did in England
- holding in my hands my promo , white label copy of Fire Down Under for the first time
- doing a tom and bass drum riff before the first song and feeling the building shake
- going with Guy Speranza to the offices of Record World, the trade magazine to take a picture with the editorial staff after they put Fire Down Under on the cover the week of it's release
- playing a gig in Rochester N.Y. that was so oversold it felt like the sound didn't have anywhere to go and then finding out the place burned down later that night, Fire Down Under indeed
- having Ace Frehley increase my salary so I can keep buying new cymbals because I was breaking them so often
- getting new drums from Ludwig and the first time I play a single note on them is in front of 18,000 people
- having Geddy Lee come into the dressing room and lecture Guy about eating right after he got food poisoning from a 7-11 burrito
- throwing a chair out a window into the river 5 stories below in England
- the whole band doing a " jump up" and playing Swords and Tequila on another band's equipment in Texas and having Frank Marino say we sounded like a record
- the guys in Ratt thanking us for playing a show with them at the Santa Monica Civic Center because they were afraid the place would be empty without us
- having the guy who created " Tior " come into the dressing room in California and be taken aback when the band is less than enthusiastic about meeting him
- finding out that I don't need a monitor to play as long as my ears are slightly ahead of the backline , no more being at the mercy of some dodgy monitor man
- when the guitarist and bassist in my high school band traded in their Traynors and got Marshalls
- winning the battle of the bands at our first show with my high school band ( there were 9 other bands)
- standing behind a curtain waiting to go on and hearing the crowd react when the lights go down
- realising you haven't eaten any food that wasn't cooked by Denny's for the past 2 weeks
- taking delivery of custom flight cases for my drums
- finding out that some of the musicians you looked up to as a kid are kind of jerks
- finding out that some are kind of cool
- stepping into a tour bus for the first time
- having the bus driver open the door to the back room on the bus and realising the bus never stopped and is in fact still moving down the highway ( he switched off with the tour manager on a straight away)
- rehearsing on the Who's soundstage at Shepperton Movie Studios in England
- having Chuck Ruff swear to me he saw molds of the " Alien" at the same studio
- buying a Hearse and having it be as great to haul band equipment in as I thought it would be ( Marshalls and bass drums go in upright)
- playing with Mark Reale for the first time , just jamming, not looking at each other, and hitting some 16th note accents at the same time, we both stopped playing and started laughing..... MAGIC !
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Does anyone have the Riot collections that HRR put out? Thinking of picking up vol. 1 soon.

And re: the above post; I laughed out loud at that Geddy Lee one regarding the 7-11 burrito.
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I think you're referring to the Cherry Red Records compilation albums, no? I'm also considering picking those up, but I read a review that suggested that the series is only recommended to purists, as the sound quality of some live recordings is mostly lackluster.
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