[Post-Black/Avant-Garde Black Metal] Lantlôs (DE)
Lantlôs hails from Germany and plays a heavily shoegaze and post-rock influenced style of black metal. The post-black metal genre is pretty stagnant overall, but these guys are about as good as it gets in this scene. They have a new record coming out on May 2, and it sounds like they've moved away from the black metal sound, though it's still pretty good from what I've heard.

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I've actually been revisiting these guys lately. I used to dig them a lot. Personally, I like their first album the most by a pretty fair margin. It's got a really nice raw, angry feel to it that their other stuff just doesn't have. Also I really like that the lyrics are all in German. I guess I'm being stereotypical, but German sounds really angry all the time. Laugh

The second album is pretty good as well with some highlights on it (like "Pulse/Surreal"). I didn't care for their 3rd album at all. I thought it was really boring honestly. I probably should pick up Melting Sun one of these days. For some reason, I never got it, but all of the samples I've listened to sound pretty good despite not really being black metal.

Also I do personally think that Lantlôs is the best post-rock/shoegazy black metal band. They were in the scene way before it was trendy/cool and outdid basically everyone else (including Alcest imo).

"Mittsommerregen" is probably my favorite song from them. I love the drumming and atmosphere on that one.
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