Preferred Software Used to Rip DVDs & BDs
Name some of your favorite software used to rip DVDs and BDs. I like pulling one out of the shelf and enjoying it on my player, but there are times when obstacles such as region code and DRM exist to prohibit the legally paying consumer from enjoying his purchase however he wishes to. If someone would like to preserve his multimedia accurate to the original source for the sake of preventing wear and tear, for instance, then that should be his right.

Therefore, we must encourage consumers of music, film, television, and other media to use backup methods, just in case of theft or damage.

I've used Handbrake (with Libdvdcss) over the years, which is a nice GUI-based DVD decoder. For an alternative, I also use Dvdbackup, which is based on the command line. It's simple and fast, duplicating the contents of the disc as accurately as possible. I just don't wish to devote a lot of disk space to storing raw data.
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I personally just use makemkv for all my ripping. I usually don't transcode anything, but if I do I use ffmpeg.
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