[Progressive/Atmospheric Death Metal] Obscura (DE)
I can't believe we didnt't have a thread on these guys already. I've finally started to get into Obscura bit lately. They're a progressive/technical death metal group, but unlike many of their other peers, they have a very good sense of melody and craft a lot of catchy riffs. As a bonus, the band has had absolutely incredible fretless bass work starting from their second album onwards (5 albums total so far). Obscura's core sound is sort of like a mix of ITP/Human era Death, Focus era Cynic, and a sprinkle of Spheres era Pestilence every now and then. They are definitely at least a couple of steps ahead of your usual tech death band. All of their material is up for easy purchase on bandcamp.

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Cosmogenesis is an incredible album by them. I thought their last album was quite cool and I think it's almost on par with Cosmogenesis, IMO. I like how they use vocoder vocals on their last album. They sort of sound like Cynic on steroids with the vocoder vocals.
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I need more time to digest their stuff, but yeah their last album is incredibly good.
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