[Progressive Rock] Neil Merryweather (CA)
Canadian Bass player who has been with plenty of Musicians such as Lita Ford, Steve Miller, Billy Joel and Rick James to name a few. but while it be safe to base this thread on what he has recorded over the years, be it his early 1969 to 1973 where he was mostly recording albums with various Canadian and American artists, i'm more so making this thread based off his 1974-1978 material where it almost boarders on straight up Hard Rock/Proto-Metal, but since the three albums that were released are Progressive/Heavy Psyche at heart, I'll subjectively tag him under Progressive Rock.

the album in question that has me making a thread is based off his 1975 album Kryptonite, which is his most Proto-Metal/Heavy Rock record that is loaded with killer Guitar work, great drumming and just musicianship all around. just check out the later section of "Give It Everything We Got" where has both Drummer and Guitar player just ripping it with no mercy at all. of course the song "Star Rider" can be heard as the end credit song to the Ash vs Evil Dead episode "Home".

definitely i'd recommend Kryptonite to fans of Bowwow (JP), Captain Beyond (US), Sir Lord Baltimore (US), Bang! (US), Moxy (CA), Rush (CA), Mahogany Rush (CA), Budgie (UK), Deep Purple (UK), Uriah Heep (UK), Rainbow (UK), Gillan (UK) etc... etc...

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