[Progressive/Technical Thrash Metal] Blind Illusion (US)
Now this band has a very interesting history. They were originally formed in 1979 by Mark Biedermann, Bret Hern, and Les Claypool (yes that Les Claypool). The earliest days were more heavy metal, but they got swept up in the Bay Area scene and went in a more progressive thrash direction. Larry LaLonde (from Possessed) would later join the band along with Mark Miner on drums to release their classic debut album, The Sane Asylum. It's a very interesting piece of progressive thrash with lots of quirkiness to it. The band would split up not too long after that unfortunately (and of course LaLonde and Claypool would later go on to form Primus).

Biedermann did revive the band with new members in 2010 though. However that album, Demon Master, isn't even metal and more like hippie rock nonsense and is not well regarded. Nevertheless, the band seems to have very recently returned to their progressive thrash roots with a 2019 release (titled "2018" oddly enough) and is more active now. We'll see what they can do in their latest incarnation.

Here's some tracks from "The Sane Asylum" which is a classic piece of thrash metal.

Here's a new song that just came out earlier this year.

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