[Reissue] Leather (US) - Shock Waves: 30 Years Heavy (June 27, 2019)
I somehow missed this reissue, but better late than never. I have the original 1989 CD pressing, which sounds totally fine to me. I know that Divebomb Records does such a great job with their reissues, but I prefer to own the originals whenever possible.

CD (contains slipcase, poster, sticker, and sixteen-page booklet full of exclusive pictures and liner notes) available from Dies Irae. Vinyl (contains demo version of "Diamonds Are for Real" and live version of "Catastrophic Heaven") available from Pure Steel Records.
Quote:With the re-release of Leather's debut solo album Shock Waves everyone will realize why Leather is considered the preeminent female heavy metal vocalist of the late 80s. Leather's work with the metal band Chastain produced 5 of the best releases in metal during that era (85-Mystery of Illusion, 86-Ruler of the Wasteland, 87-The 7th of Never, 88-The Voice of the Cult, 90-For Those Who Dare). She received rave reviews from magazines worldwide and is still mentioned as one of the most powerful voices in female metaldom.

Originally released in 1989, Shock Waves featured: John Luc He'bert-Drums (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Chastain), Michael Harris-Guitars (Zanister, Arch Rival, solo projects, Surgeon), and David Harbour-Bass (King Diamond, Chastain).

Producing the Cd was the metal legend himself David T. Chastain. Among the songwriters other than Leather include David T. Chastain, Pat O'Brien (Cannibal Corpse, Nevermore, Lethal) and Mark Shelton (Manilla Road).

Leather was originally in the band Rude Girl in San Francisco when she was brought to the attention of David T. Chastain by Mike Varney. David at the time was in search of a voice to front the band Chastain. David fell in love with the voice and once they met it was obvious that they were musical soulmates. Between 85-90 they toured consistently around the US and Europe and produced the 5 aforementioned metal classic albums.

In 1990 Leather gained further notoriety when the band's video for the title track to For Those Who Dare appeared numerous times on MTV. Her live performances were legendary for their power and her unique stage presence. A true professional, Leather never missed one concert due to illness, and she claims that opening for bands such as Kiss and Alice Cooper in major arenas was the pinnacle for her live shows.

Shock Waves was born for the reason of letting Leather show her immense talents and to be alone in the spotlight for all to see. In the band Chastain there was always David to share the attention. Originally released on Roadrunner Records, the Cd received massive praise but was never really properly promoted as the true musical masterpiece that it was. Once Leviathan regained the rights back the label immediately remastered and repackaged the Cd. The label wanted to make sure that this gem did not go forgotten and lost in some warehouse.

Leather has recently been part of CHASTAIN's resurgence with the 2013 release "Surrender To No One" and the 2015/17 releases of "We Bleed Metal." Those new CHASTAIN releases proved that Leather hasn't lost anything and is still among the best metal vocalists alive. Leather has also released 2 new Solo ablums in the last few years. Still a force of metal!
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A nice reissue for a good album, probably the best Leather had made outside Chastain.
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