Scorpions (DE) - TBA Album (TBA 2019)
Quote:German hard rock legends SCORPIONS are preparing to record a "historic" new album with a "famous" producer, guitarist Rudolf Schenker has revealed.

The upcoming disc will mark the band's first release since 2017's "Born To Touch Your Feelings - Best Of Rock Ballads", which was an anthology of SCORPIONS' new and classic material.

SCORPIONS' last full-length collection of new recordings was 2015's "Return To Forever", partially comprising songs the band had in the vault from the '80s. It was the final recorded appearance of SCORPIONS' longtime drummer James Kottak, who was dismissed from the band in September 2016. He has since been replaced by Mikkey Dee, formerly of MOTÖRHEAD.

In an interview with Headbangers Lifestyle conducted at the end of last year, Rudolf confirmed that SCORPIONS are planning to begin work on a new LP in the coming months.

"Why we have this idea of recording a new album is because Mikkey became, let's say, a great force for SCORPIONS," he said. "When we were fighting for a change and [trying to] get us back on track with the band, and it didn't work, we found Mikkey. Mikkey just fits perfectly into the chemistry of SCORPIONS. Plus, he is a very creative person. That means we have now the chance to make an album that is special and fresh.

"Everybody in the band is now on leave and at home to celebrate the holidays with his family, until the New Year," Rudolf continued. "We will meet again in the New Year and everybody will come and bring in ideas in the studio. We already found a producer to record with. A famous and well-known personality… No, I'm not gonna say who he is… really not! But we are all very excited to produce a new, historic rock 'n' roll album."

SCORPIONS singer Klaus Meine recently said that the band is not opposed to making another studio album. "I think we never would say no, because it's so much in our veins to have this rhythm of touring, making records, being creative, going back into the studio," he told SiriusXM's Eddie Trunk.

"We just put an album out in 2015 with 19 songs, with all the extras and bonus tracks for Japan and whatsoever, so it takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of work in the studio," he continued. "And I think we might be ready [in 2019], at least to go back and come together and start songwriting, and let's see what comes out.

"At the end of the day, to make an album, to go back into the studio, you have to have the feeling we have great material, there are great songs, and it's time now to do it, and really to top yourself — at least give it a try," Meine added. "And it only makes sense if everybody feels it in the band, if everybody wants it, and we know the fans want it. And if we feel we have the right material, the right songs, the right setup, I think we might go back into the studio and maybe surprise a lot of people. But if we do it, we'll definitely go for the harder edge of the SCORPIONS. But if that would be reality, we have to figure out, and we have to see how things will turn out and if everybody's ready to go for another challenge and really try and go for the best. Because that's all what counts at the end of the day — if you make another album, then you'd better come out with something strong. And there are a few examples of bands [from] our generation — like JUDAS PRIEST recently; DEEP PURPLE as well — they came up with really strong new albums. So it can be done. And let's see what life will bring."
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It's inspiring that they continue to create music this late in their career....but I'm done buying Scorpions albums.
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Yeah, as much as I love this band I found the last album to be very underwhelming. Hopefully this one will be better, I'll probably give it a chance at least.
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i'm actually one of the rare few that liked Return to Forever, while it did not touch Blackout or Lovedrive (let alone the Uli era material), it still had it's moments, but because it was comprised of Leftover material from the 80's to 2010's, it did vary in quality.

but since Klaus mention Judas Priest and Deep Purple for releasing "Strong album", i guess that could mean that they might put a little more effort in this one. but whoever they picked to be their producer could change all of that.

we'll see.
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