So-Called 'Gaming Community' Losers!
For many years, this has been quite an oxymoron of a term. Perhaps there was some sort of unity among people who like to play video games, but if that was the case, then the last time said unity was relevant was decades ago. There have always been assholes and posers alike, but I think we can all agree that the Internet generation of "gamers", which perpetuated this so-called "gaming community" via YouTube and other such medium, are the very parasites that have bastardized this hobby by watering it down with all sorts of nonsensical propaganda, from politics to cuckoldry.

I was once a fan of "YouTube gamers" such as AlphaOmegaSin. He's nothing but a lying sack of shit that regurgitates bullshit "news" for the sake of clickbait fetishism. What's even more insulting is that now he's (ab)using Patreon by publishing "unlockable" videos of him dicking around with video software. As of this writing, his last video was uploaded on November 13, 2017, yet he has all the free time in the world to shitpost via all social media platforms.

There are other assholes in this "gaming community" that can get fucked (e.g. XRazorfistx, ReviewTechUSA, Boogie), but they're all "unique" in their own ways...
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My tastes in video games lies mostly in, Might & Magic" style games. No one is going to tell me to play shit like Destiny. I'll stick with Titan Quest.
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Another thing I hate about that, too. Lots of hyperbolic faggotry and circle jerking among their collective. Better to just do your own thing or find something that you're passionate about that a few others are the same way in.

I think the heaps of pretentious "angry gamers" following you-know-who's lead led to this "gaming community" that many people with a brain see as nothing more than shallow, laughable bilge.
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Metal community > Gaming community.
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again....No, I am not quoting lyrics to a Priest classic. The Youtube Gaming Community, is dead....has been since 2012. Granted there are some great people, but a lot of shitbags too.

And this is coming from someone, who does Youtube videos, etc...I don't classify myself apart of any community. I just do what I do and that's it lol.
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>Sees the "gaming community" in the likes of AlphaOmegaSin, XRazorfistx, ReviewTechUSA, Boogie, LowTierGod, DSP, etc.

Those same people that part of this "gaming community" are the same fucks that hurt the image of gaming itself and justify why AAA gaming companies keeps doing what it doing now (microtransaction, etc). Because of how stupid they really are for letting big AAA companies get away with so much shit. The only solution to all this is to stop associating with these "gaming community" and just do your own thing as a hobby.
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You know what is really funny though? A lot of these big Youtubers have shit that they hide. Either personal, or they deep down inside prove how cancerous they are. See the recent shit with ProJared.

Cheats on wife
Divorces her via Twitter
Exposed by wife
Exposed by people he sent dick pics too
Exposed by people who he sent naughty texts and dick pics too that were underage

LOL, and people ride these fuckers nuts and white knight them until they finally open their eyes.
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A subset of the gaming community that I particularly loathe is the retro gaming community. Now, I don't mind the sort of people who find some old console at a thrift store/flea market and buy it for nostalgia reasons but rather the 'big' name YouTubers who e-beg to help fund their habits. The Game Chasers e-begged to make what would have essentially been a 'movie' version of their regular collecting videos. MetalJesusRocks e-begged to have his leaky basement patched. John Hancock has been e-begging for games/money for his nonexistent game museum [in his basement]. And as previously mentioned, AOS decided to be a douchey manlet and only upload his crap on Patreon. Not only that, but the 'gold mining' mentality these guys approach game collecting with has driven up the second hand market considerably in the last ten years.
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