Support Acts That Blew the Headliners?
Unfortunately, I have no such personal experiences in that department, but the closest that I can relate to this would be seeing Death Angel, Testament, and Anthrax in 2012. Good show, but I thought Testament brought out more energy than the other two bands combined, although they weren't the first to go up (it was Death Angel).

A famous example of a support band blowing the main band would obviously be Van Halen in support of Black Sabbath's 1978 tour. You could also dig up early cases of speed/thrash metal bands that opened up for a bigger rock band or two.
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I thought of the Sabbath/VH example upon just reading the title.

I'm not entirely sure off personal experiences If I've seen major differences. Maybe not entirely fair but Judas Priest supporting Deep Purple on that 2018 tour wasn't really fair. DP wasn't bad really but at the same time I wasn't sure what I was really watching and left after a certain point.
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