[Technical Death Metal] Atrocity (DE)
Okay so this band is a bit of a tragedy to be quite honest. In the beginning, Atrocity was an absolutely excellent, early form of technical death metal from Germany. Well their 1989 "Blue Blood" single is honestly not good, but the band would massively improve in less then a year and release their debut album, "Hallucinations". It is one very unique, twisty piece of old school tech death. 2 years later, they would release another excellent album in a similar style called "Todessehnsucht" (titled "Longing for Death" on the original American pressing).

Then after that, the band had one of metal's most bizarre identity crises and turned to shit. They released a third album called "Blut." It's not death metal nor is technical. Most of the riffs are chug crap. The vocals go from vicious growls to bizarre, dumbing-sounding tough guy vocals. There's a lot of groove bullshit and just bad musical ideas. After that, Atrocity would hop around and experiment with various genres and they're still around today.

Perhaps there's another decent album buried in their discography somewhere, but really all you want are the first two. Those are both classic death metal releases and just as good as other great albums from that era.

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