[Traditional Speed Metal] Agent Steel (US)
The Dutch AS shows are cancelled.Why am I not even suprised.

Quote:STATEMENT ETERNAL ROCK (NL Booker): Unfortunately we have to inform you that we have in good consultation with both local promoters, have decided to cancel both Agent Steel shows, which are booked in Dynamo, Eindhoven and Metropolis, Enschede. Due to poor communication, constantly changing contact persons and many unanswered questions where after weeks we still do not respond to have received from band and management, we are not able to in a decent and professional way a good show Guarantee with good outcome. There will be no replacement shows. Hoping for your understanding....
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I've heard the entire tour is affected. Jeez, what's wrong with the band's management (or lack thereof)? Laugh
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Hey,it's John Cyriis,nothing new under the sun.Wink

The other musicians he has gathered are all no original AS members.
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It's pretty easy for one or two original members to "relaunch" an old band with completely unknown players who've never been a part of its history to begin with. Laugh
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Here's an update from Mr. Cyriis about the upcoming tour:

Quote:"RAGERS”, here are the updated 2019 8 lights over Europe dates. Apologies to those who were disappointed by the cancellations of the Spanish/Portuguese and Dutch shows. This was entirely the promoters decision, so we will work to organise new dates for latter part of 2019.

April 26th -Keep It True - Lauda-Königshofen - Germany

April 28th -The Pitcher - Dusseldorf

May 1st -Bambi Galore - Hamburg -Germany

May 4th -Truckstop Alaska - Gothenburg - Sweden

May 9th - Chemiefabrik -Dresden -Germany

May 11th -Vienna Metal Meeting -Vienna

May 11th -Kapu - Linz - Austria

May 12th -Slaughter Club -Milano - Italy

May 15th -Circus Club - Firenze - Italy

May 18th -Courts of Chaos -Avel Dro- France

May 30th - De Redekiel - Maldegem-Belgium

May 31st - De Sorte Huse - Agger - Denmark

June 1st - Metalheadz open air - Ober am Lech -Germany

June 2nd - Goldgrube- Kessel - Germany

Further 2019 dates will be incoming and a NEW Agent Steel Single will be released in
the coming months.

Hey John,if you and/or your management lack to answer any questions from promoters,you can expect cancellations.
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Aliens are to blame. ROFL
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(04-21-2019, 12:55 AM)Painkiller Wrote: Aliens are to blame. ROFL

Never Surrender Laugh
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WTF? Undecided

Agent Steel - Taken By Force (Live @ KEEP IT TRUE Festival XXII)

Apparently they played just for 30 minutes instead of an hour.
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Dunno. Cool, I guess? Sad
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One of the two rehearsals from "Agent Steel". John Cyriis totally fucked up their potential to shine at Keep It True.
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The band itself does a great job.Sadly,the singer doesn't...didn't...whatever WTF?
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i guess John is showing us why Agent Steel never progressed further. John Cyriis show here. sad.
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A couple more videos of the KIT show.

Some parts are done pretty good (band and vocals) and then,seconds later,it turns into a messy mess.
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That KIT footage looks like and sounds like a completely amateur band...like some local club band.
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Pathetic. That's all I can say.
Quote:Saga Agent Steel continuous.
Artwork done by Patrícia Furtado.

I'm here to alert all artists who are starting their careers, so that they don’t commit the same mistake I did.

To give you a small context, I was asked to do a small illustration for a poster that would announce the return of Agent Steel (a widely known Heavy Metal band from the 80’s) to Portugal. When I finished the drawing, I decided to send it to the band because I was curious and would like to receive some feedback from them.

I received a message (I will leave prints below), where they invited me to do more illustrations for their European tour. As you can imagine, I was extremely happy and accepted immediately (which was a big mistake, because I did not analyze the situation properly).

I did not ask them to give me any kind of proof that they woul pay me. Some of you may be thinking: "But Patricia you should always ask them to pay first." Correct, but I thought that since they were a famous band (not only that, but also a band that I liked and respected), they would not do something like not pay someone who provides them a service.

I sent them the illustration (5000x5000px with 300dpi), which gave me a lot of work. I spent days working on it and I put all my heart into this project. In addition, I also made a new logo for the band, that has been used by them several times in their social media. I was supposed to receive a percentage of their merch sales in the tour.

When the concerts in Portugal and Spain were cancelled, I sent them a message requesting 300 euros for my service (because I was beginning to distrust the credibility of the band). They responded "Of course, do not worry. We'll pay on April 29th, you just have to wait for us to receive the money from the gigs" (prints down). It just happens that for some reason they were late for their first show, which caused more cancellations. Consequently, their tour was ruined.

I started getting the feeling that I wasn’t going to receive my money and I decided to send an e-mail asking about it. They replied with a huge e-mail (print) telling their version of the story, about how they would not pay for the artwork because everything had gone wrong, but they would continue to ask for more drawings for the tour next year. I understood their side, but even so I wanted to receive some kind of reward for the work I did since they used my art and the logo.

I asked for 50 euros, two t-shirts with my illustration and a vinyl autographed by the vocalist. I thought I was not asking too much because they would have a stock of merch from the tour that was not going to be sold. Moreover, I had already made a huge discount.

The band's manager told me he was going to talk to the vocalist and that he would probably accept. Since I didn’t get a response, I e-mailed them again to ask if he had any news, but he replied "Sorry, John is very stressed and devastated with the events and needs to rest" (print). Since that day I never got an answer. They never offered a solution or something that could show their thankfulness for my hard work, as if a “thank you” was just enough.

I guess at this point I will no longer receive my money, but at least I can share my experience with you: Just because a band is (or was) famous, doesn’t mean they are professional and trustworthy. Always ask them to pay first or for some kind of proof of payment.

Thank you to those who read everything until the end. Please, share this occurrence so that it can reach a larger number of artists who are starting their careers, just like me
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I'm not suprised but it's sad for her.Also naive from her aswell but she learned from it.
It happens more as everyone thinks with bands and artists who do artwork,upstarting or not.
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This saga is one that appears to keep on giving. A similar story was shared today by the guy who runs Soldier of Hell Designs. It is similar to this one posted above; he did their updated logo and was never paid, etc.
@glovesofmetal (Instagram)
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There is some he said,she said going on,on the band's facebook regarding the KIT festival show.Fact still is,that Mr.Cyriis himself fcked up that gig due to poor performance.
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What the fuck happened....This is very sad, and that performance. Awful, band wise it's not bad, but John sounds like shit.
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