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From Keep It True's Bookface page:
Quote:Today we mourn the death of Mike Skelton, singer/guitarist of Iron Cross. Maybe some of you know that Iron Cross were scheduled to play the very first KEEP IT TRUE Festival but had to cancel sadly back then. Then 11 years later they were scheduled to play KIT again but had to cancel again due to the health of Mike. Through all the years we stayed in touch with the band and are friends of them, so this death also hits us hard. The debut album is one of these hidden gems that should have been mentioned in the same league as Omen, Vicious Rumors, Warlord, etc. and I still love it till now. Our deepest condolences go to Mikes family and to Rex A Coward and band. Be strong guys and if you need anything you know where to contact us...RIP Mike
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Shitty news. Iron Cross was a great unique band. I always liked the horror metal vibe, similar to Death SS, Impaler, and Ripper, although they definitely did it with more of a power/thrash metal flair. Sucks that they never made it to Keep it True despite several attempts, and unfortunately now it looks like that'll never happen.

Any info on Mike's health problems? Seems pretty vague for something he was suffering from for at least 11 years (unless I'm reading that wrong).

Anyway, RIP
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Damn, that sucks. I checked Iron Cross out after I saw this post, and they're one of my favorite traditional metal bands I've heard, surprised they only ever made one album.
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