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Why Political & Religious Discussions Are Permanently Banned
This was a very hard post to write, but I'd been meaning to elaborate further on why I made the decision to prohibit discussions involving politics or religion on these forums.

Here at Forces of Steel, our definition of "diversity" is accepting people of all walks of life, no matter what their personal beliefs are (the only thing that matters is a love for metal). Not everyone is going to agree with each other, but that's the beauty of discussing things out. The problem persists, however, when there are "touchy subjects" that invite all sorts of hostility from identity-seeking participants. We have previously discussed (and often debated) a few "touchy subjects", but for the most part, they only caused discord among our small community. However short-term a few outbursts were, once it's out there, there's nothing that anyone can do about it to reverse the possible effects that could come out of it.

Therefore, permanently banning all threads on politics AND religion is the only sound solution. Instead of making the same mistake that other online communities make, we'll take it upon ourselves and choose to discuss the aforementioned "touchy subjects" elsewhere. This wonderful forum needn't that garbage, anyway. That's not what it's about.

Now, you might be wondering about posts taking shots at batshit-insane groups (e.g. Antifa). It's sadly a matter of an inescapable political climate (most, rather than all), and although I remain firm in preventing another discussion on "touchy subjects", there are groups of "people" (they are the identity-seeking participants I was referring to) that want to hurt the reputation of musicians and rip off fans alike. I mean, it's perfectly rational to laugh at the stupidity of an Antifa idiot going on about how a random second-wave black metal band is "bigoted" or whatever, but we won't be escalating any discussion to the point where we'll talk about "touchy subjects". Again, this is a MUSIC forum, and we're going to keep it that way. We would rather this be a spot to talk about our favorite new discoveries and what shows are coming up.

Anyone who doesn't like metal must leave the hall immediately.
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